excel problems

Project Description:

please do the following problems on pivot tables individually.
(1) for the grocery example (from your in-class activities):

(a) prepare a chart that summarizes the trend over time of the sales at each store.

(b) create a calculate field that computes an average per unit price received for each product.

(c) create a pivotchart that summarizes the sales of each product at each store for years 2005 and 2006

(2) download the “smoking and cancer” data from http://lib.stat.cmu.edu/dasl/datafiles/cigcancerdat.html. the data contains data on number of cigarettes smoked and the type of cancer by states. what can you conclude about the region, number of cigarettes smoked and type of cancer?

(3) download the wages and hours data from http://lib.stat.cmu.edu/dasl/datafiles/wagesdat.html. what can you conclude about the factors affecting the average hourly wage?

(4) in the chip pivottable example used in class, create a pivottable that summarizes monthly sales of chips 1 and 3 in france and the united states.
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