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i would like to write executive report of one page ,

the purpose of the report is to explain to the ceo of the hospital about the recruitment trip

that we did , to submit to him the report , the purpose of the trip is to cover the nursing

need of hiring for 6 moths , we did recruitment trip to philippine to cover this need the

report show the number of the nurses in many different area , i need from you to explain

the numbers , more over i need from your said to write that the nursing turnover is very

high so we take in this trip extra number to cover the need because each month the nursing

department has 5 to 7 resignation every month , during the trip( the selection process )

, the candidates go through written exam which is designed for each specialty then after

they pass the exam they has 3 interview with the nursing department and the head of the

recruitment department and the human resource director once they signed the job offer ,

in this trip we deal with the work-group international manpower services , the cvs that they

provide us was good cvs most of them has experience in many good hospital in saudi


i need from you to explain the number this is very important to write for example the

highest number was in ….
plz include the graph , plz what i need is to submit the attached report but i need to write

summary executive report ( recruitment trip philippine from november 28 until december

4, 2013 ) in one page the total number with explanation , and how with this trip will cover

the nursing need for 6 months ,
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