exercise 14-37

Project Description:

emery communications company is considering the production and marketing of a communi-
cations system that will increase the efficiency of messaging for small businesses or branch offices
of large companies. each unit hooked into the system is assigned a mailbox number, which can
be matched to a telephone extension number, providing access to messages 24 hours a day. up
to 20 units can be hooked into the system, allowing the delivery of the same message to as many
as 20 people. personal codes can be used to make messages confidential. furthermore, messages
can be reviewed, recorded, cancelled, replied to, or deleted all during the same message play-
back. indicators wired to the telephone blink whenever new messages are present.

1. assuming that emery’s cost of capital is 12%, compute the project’s npv. should the prod-
uct be produced?

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