external factor assessment

Project Description:

1. conduct an external assessment and complete either an external factor evaluation on spirit airlines. use the following five websites in conducting your assessment:
• http://marketwatch.com
conduct an internal assessment and complete an internal factor evaluation . use the following documents, which may be found in the target organization’s corporate website:
• most current form 10k document
• most current annual report.
prepare a well-developed presentation that includes the above information and describes the findings that you discovered by analyzing the data from the external assessment and from the internal assessment. present facts. consider putting some of the data into a graphical display (chart, figure, or table) to present information in a clear way. use citations to substantiate your ideas. insert the completed matrices as appendix slides and reference them within the body of the presentation, according to apa standards.
your presentation should meet the following requirements:
• be 15-20 slides in length, plus a title page and reference page
• include speaker’s notes containing 50-100 words per slide to elaborate on the visual/text content on the slide
• be formatted according to apa guidelines with a reference page
• substantiate explanations with at least two credible, properly-cited resources.
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