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1. engine oil enters staggered tube array at a temperature of 25°c and at 7 m/s. the tubes have a 15-mm diameter and the tube surface temperature is maintained at 90°c. for the staggered tube array st = 20 mm and sl = 27 mm, and there are 9 rows of tubes and 8 tubes in each row. what is the total rate of heat transfer to the oil? what is the pressure drop associated with the flow of the oil through the array?

2. a round bar of chromium steel, ( = 7833 kg/m3, k = 48.9 w/m-k, c= 0.115 kj/kg-k, and  = 3.91 10-6 m2/s) emerges from a heat treatment process at 285°c and is quenched by an air stream at 15 m/s and at 35°c. the bar has a diameter of 40 cm and is 200 cm long. determine the rate of heat transfer from the bar and estimate the time required for the bar to cool to 150°c.
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