falling in a gravitational field

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this week you will explore how gravity affects falling objects. please turn in your write-up by the end of the week. the lab for this week is "lab 10, experiment 1: falling in a gravitational field". you do not need to complete lab 10, experiment 2 - only experiment 1. note that not all of the necessary materials for this week's lab were included in your lab kit; you will need to provide your own basketball, baseball, or football (any of these will work, and you will only need to use one).

make sure to read through the entire introduction to lab 10 prior to performing the experiment. you can access lab 10 from the pdf document included in the lab manual cd-rom, or download escience labs physics lab 10. (this week you will follow the procedure as outlined in the escience lab manual, westwood does not have special instructions to offer like with the lab for last week.)

note: a “popper” is referred to in the lab procedure for this week (it is the plastic round half sphere object that came with your lab kit). since you will only be completing experiment 1, we will not actually use it this week. however, we will use it later in another lab.

next, briefly take a look through the questions at the end lab 10, experiment 1. enter all your responses into the following ms word worksheet:
in your lab write up, support your observations and results with explanations using the scientific terms and theory we studied this week. be sure to cite and reference all your sources, including the lab websites and additional readings.

you are now ready to start the lab! make sure to follow the directions below when saving and submitting your work.
will attach worksheet when hired
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