fault tree analysis of an accident in the energy industry (oil and gas)

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fault tree analysis
about an industrial accident in energy sector

select an industrial accident in energy sector (oil and gas), and perform the fault tree analysis (fta) by writing a report as detailed in the following:

1) briefly describe the accident (top event of what happened, consequences) with words less than 300 words.

2) identify basic events that lead to the accident; give descriptions for each basic event and explain how it can cause failure.

3) draw the fault-tree by hand. the fault tree should consist of:
a. both “and”, “or” gates;
b. at least 4 levels (from the top event to the basic events at the bottom, the maximum number of gates passed is called the level of the faults tree);
c. at least 9 basic events.

4) what can be done to prevent future failure based on the fta?

5) quantify fta.
a. assign a likelihood value to a basic event with justification or references.
b. provide the probability of the top event based on the estimated likelihood value of basic events.

6) prioritize the contributors (basic events) that lead to the accident (you need to explain what “prioritization” means, and how to rank the contributions of basic events to the top event).

the report should be computer typed, with the fault-tree scanned from hand-drawing and inserted. the report, including references/ appendixes, should be less than 15 pages.
format recommendation: fonts times new roman, font size 12, and line spacing single.

plagiarism should be avoided, as described in the postgraduate handbook. it is important to realize that it is relatively easy to unintentionally commit plagiarism, and that this is a serious disciplinary offense.
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