federal budgeting and accounting

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i need this completed by 3/29/15 (sunday)

review the federal budget and the budget tables for the u.s. federal government.


prepare an 8- to 10-slide microsoft® powerpoint® presentation focusing on the federal budget for fiscal year (fy) 2015. answer the following :
what are the total revenues and expenditures projected for fy15 (table s-1)
is the fy15 budget projecting a surplus or a deficit in spending, and by how much (table s-1)
what are the key sources of revenue for the federal government (table s-5)
what are the primary expenditures for the federal government? (table s-5)
what is the current national debt?
how much is the national debt per citizen and per taxpayer. is this a problem? why? why not?
how can the federal government reduce the national debt? keep your ideas realistic.

prepare a paper of no more than 700 words that addresses the following topics :
what roles do accountants play in managing government and not-for-profit organizations?
how are government and not-for-profit organizations audited? be sure to include the different types of audits.
describe the single-audit act and how it impacts government financial reporting and accounting
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