fermentation of glucose to create lactic acid

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lactic acid is an important pharmaceutical product that is manufactured by the fermentation of glucose:

c6h12o6 -> c3h6o3

lactic acid has a melting point of 17°c so one way to separate it from the water and unreacted glucose that makes up part of the biomass is to drop the temperature below this melting point in a crystallizer. this will allow solid lactic acid to drop out of the mixture. this solid lactic acid will still be wetted with a portion of the water/glucose mix and will then be cold filtered to further concentrate the lactic acid.

a mix contains12% by mass lactic acid enters the crystallizer unit at a rate of 1882kg/hr. after crystallization, the crystal stream contains 48% by mass lactic acid and the liquid portion itself contains no lactic acid. the crystal stream than goes to the filtration unit where the solids generated contain 78% lactic acid and the liquid portion 0% lactic acid. determine the mass flow of materials outof both streams forthe crystallization and the filtration processes.(a total of 4 streams)
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