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the following information pertains to montague corporation:
net income $1,500,000 preferred dividends 250,000
average common equity $18,000,000 average common shares outstanding 600,000
calculate the return on common equity and the earnings per share

red corporation has $2,000,000 in total liabilities and 3,500,000 in total assets as of december 31, 2012. of red's total liabilities, $350,000 is long-term
calculate red's debt to assets ratio and its long term debt to equity ratio.

(a) explain in your own words why a financial analyst would look at a company’s liquidity ratios. in other words, what does a liquidity ratio show about a company?
(b) why might an analyst consider using one ratio over another? for example, why would an analyst rather consider the cash ratio over a company’s current ratio or quick ratio?
(c) what does a liquidity ratio over 1 illustrate?
(d) what does a liquidity ratio under 1 illustrate?

at 12/31/11, clark corporation reported beginning net fixed assets of $94,150, ending net fixed assets of $103,626, accumulated depreciation of $49,133, net sales of $212,722, and depreciation expense of $12,315. compute clark corporations (a) fixed asset turnover ratio and (b) the average age of its fixed assets. (show all work)

nwa's financial statements contain the following information:
cash $300,000 accounts payable $500,000
accounts receivable $650,000 accrued expenses $150,000
inventory $800,000 long term debt $1,000,000
marketable securities $100,000
(1)what is the current ratio
(2)what is the quick ratio
(3) what is the cash ratio

abc corporation’s comparative balance sheets are presented below
2012 2011
cash 28,200 17,700
accounts receivable 24,200 22,300
investments 23,000 16,000
equipment 60,000 70,000
accumulated depreciation–equip (14,000) (10,000)
total assets 121,400 116,000

liabilities and owners’ equity
accounts payable 19,600 11,100
bonds payable 10,000 30,000
common stock 60,000 45,000
retained earnings 31,800 29,900
total liabilities and owners’ equity 121,400 116,000

additional information:
1. net income was $28,300. dividends declared and paid were $26,400.
2. equipment which cost $10,000 and had accumulated depreciation of $1,200 was sold for $4,300
3. all other changes in noncurrent account balances had a direct effect on cash flows, except the change in accumulated depreciation.
prepare a statement of cash flows for 2012 using the indirect method. (show all work)
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