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chapter 11 problem 2
determine the intrinsic values of the following put options when the stock is selling at $ 63 just prior to expiration of the options.
a. $ 55 put price
b. $ 65 put price
c. $ 75 put price

6. find the real return on the following investments:
stock nominal return inflation
a 10% 3%
b 15% 8%
c -5% 2%

8. the countries of stabilato and variato have the following average returns and standard deviations for their stocks, bond, and short-term government securities. what range of returns should you expect to earn 95 percent of the time for each asset class if you invested in stabilato’s securities? from investing in variato’s securities?

stabilato asset average return standard deviation
stocks 8% 3%
bonds 5% 2%
short- term 3% 1%
government debt
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