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project description: you need to understand ins and outs of the attached report which i put on the down there. look at pages (4,5,6, and 7 )of the report. read word by word. ask this question to yourself, “how did they produce this report?” please remember you will be allowed to utilize only company specific sources . so now look at the 2013 annual statement of this company. go to their web site. have you ever read the annual statement of a company? perhaps not! here is your opportunity. now see from where they got the information which they put on page 5,6 and 7 underline the relevant paragraphs, pages, sentences and scan me or specify . give me the url link. and i will look at those pages paragraphs you specified.

so. basically for each paragraph there is one or two ideas that has information, i need you to find the source of this info - must be from the company website or from the list at the bottom of this page- when you locate the source: copy the link and take a screenshot. and write a sentence evaluating the source.

i attached a similar report too. you can see it and just do the same.

****please note that they presented their report on january 2014. so they must have not used much from annual report of 2013.

areas/resourced needed:
- annual report (2012) , general info on company website, yahoo, value line, morningstar
- annual report (2013) sec filings 2013 q1, q2, q3 , quarterly press releases (2013)
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