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Project Description:

annual report project
this project will help you better understand specific information that companies provide to the securities and exchange commission as well as the information that investors review before making their investment decisions.
for this project, you need to obtain the most recent annual reports of two united states corporations, chose one to continue working on for this project, and answer the questions provided to you in the annual report project file located in the doc sharing.
you may use your textbook and outside sources to complete this project. the paper should address all the questions listed in the annual report project file. all sources should be referenced as sources cited. check for correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, mechanics, and usage. citations should use apa style.
make sure your document includes:
• your name
• date
• course name and section number
• unit number
• task name
• page numbers
directions for submitting your project
compose your project in a microsoft word document using the provided template and save it as username ac116 unit 7 project (example: jsmith – ac116 unit 7 project.doc. submit your file by selecting the annual report project dropbox by the end of unit 7.
grading rubric
ac116 unit 7 – annual report
tasks to be evaluated
points earned
possible points
arp 1 obtaining the annual report - obtained the most recent annual reports of two u.s. companies and has
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