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that poject that you just did for me, (see attachments )- so the final outcome needed is as follows: (please use the same info from attachment)
1,500- 1,800 words in apa format (need by saturday)

you will choose an industry of interest to you (preferably one you are involved with or plan to be involved with). you will use the tools we developed in class to evaluate the future growth and profitability of this industry by investigating factors like costs, pricing power, and price elasticity of demand. your 1,500–1,800 word analysis should be apa formatted and clear, with at least 5 sources. plan to address each of the above elements (in bold), but feel free to add any elements as you see fit. graphs are optional and welcome, and they do not add to your word count.

your research and its usefulness to you will be greatly aided by contact with people in the industry in question. plan to interview at least one person in the industry as well as collecting relevant publicly available data.

this analysis is aimed to get you thinking about how this industry fits into the larger economy and how its current and future market structures shape its prospects. as such, you may not find data that (for instance) allow you to calculate the current price elasticity of demand for the industry’s product. however, you can estimate it and show how you would glean the necessary information required for the calculation. in short, be as creative and persistent as you can in order to present a good analysis appropriate to your chosen industry.
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