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select one of the following topics for your final essay.plan, write, proofread, and correct the essay within the time period allotted and submit it by file will have exactly two (2) hours to review the task below, to type your final essay, and to upload it.after two hours have passed, you will no longer be able to upload your file, and you will not pass the class.

directions: format in mla.

this essay must completed by the end of the allotted time period at least 500 words long

3.contain a minimum of six paragraphs

illustration:in the united states, romantic love is often considered to be a completely adequate reason for marriage.given the high divorce rate, perhaps other factors aside from romantic love should be considered. write an illustration essay telling what other personal qualities or shared values are important to the success of a marriage.

narrative: all of us have encountered situations in which we had a moment of decision about whether to do what we knew what was right or what would, although unethical, benefit us in some way, at least for the moment.write a narrative essay telling about a time when you could have gotten away with doing something inherently dishonest (or unjust or dishonorable), and tell what decision you sure to reflect on the decision, telling what you think of it now.

process:tell about the process (thought process or actual steps or a combination of both) that brought you to georgia military college.

argument: in mexico city, imprisoned mothers are allowed to raise their own babies from birth to six years of age.the children are allowed to live at the prison with their mothers.advocates say there are many advantages to both prisoner moms and their children.opponents argue that prisons are drab places and certainly are no place to raise children.what do you think?is mexico city onto a great idea, or do the disadvantages outweigh the advantages?
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