final paper - poverty in africa

Project Description:

working from your original research question, write an essay that incorporates and synthesizes your research in an attempt to answer the question you posed.

in your essay you should include an appropriate introduction (that includes your thesis statement) and conclusion (that summarizes how the evidence does or doesn’t support your thesis). your body paragraphs should focus on your research sources, and should be clear in their relation to the thesis. integrate quotes from your sources appropriately (not too long, and be sure to use in-text citations), and use transitional sentences with each new paragraph in order to show relationships between sources and create a logical and readable flow in your paper.

in addition, your essay:

•should be 4-5 pages in length

•must use 11-12 point font and one-inch margins. double-space.

•should use mla or apa citation formats (whichever you chose for your bibliography task)

•must contain no more than 10% direct quotations

•must include a complete works cited page

•must be carefully edited for spelling, punctuation, grammar, etc. please don’t submit a sloppy first draft

•must be your original work! avoid long quotes, and always use quotation marks as appropriate, and always cite quotations and paraphrasing of others work and ideas. plagiarism will not be tolerated. your paper will be submitted to an anti-plagiarism source, and plagiarized papers will receive a zero. here’s some useful background information on what plagiarism is and how to avoid it:

•should be unique for this class! submitting the same work to more than one course is considered academic dishonesty unless you have prior approval from all relevant instructors. failure to disclose and/or obtain prior approval for multiple submissions of the same work will result in a zero for the task.
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