final project

Project Description:

in this task, you will complete the course project, a professional document intended for presentation to executives at the subject company for their consideration.

you will combine all previous writing tasks into a cohesive document that, in total, describes the field of business intelligence, what data sources in the organization could yield intelligence, and the vendors that might be best suited to enabling the organization to enact business intelligence.

your finalized course project document should include, in this order:

a title page
a table of contents
an executive summary
section 1: introduction to business intelligence
section 2: data sources and characteristics
section 3: data governance and quality overview
section 4: data mining summary and vendor recommendation
section 5: business analytics summary and vendor recommendation
section 6: business intelligence value and vendor recommendation
section 7: business dashboard summary and vendor recommendation

create a single document that is professional looking.
the document must incorporate all of the above elements.
place previous writing tasks into the document in the order created during the course, one task per section.
add an introductory paragraph to the writing task so there is smooth transition into each section.
add a final paragraph to aid in transition out of the current topic and into the next.
incorporate recommended changes by your instructor into the weekly tasks.
incorporate in-text citations in each section as appropriate using proper apa formatting.
place all references in a single chapter at the end of the paper using proper apa formatting.
submit your finalized course project by the date indicated by your instructor.
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