final project - critical analysis

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**** must have the text***** do not reply if you don's have the following text!
gibson, c. h. (2010). financial reporting and analysis: using financial accounting information. (12th ed.). southwestern/thomson publishing co. 978-1-4390-8060-3

final project - critical analysis

using the critical analysis guidelines found in the additional resources section of the syllabus complete a critical analysis of the following reading.

reading summary analysis nike, inc. found on pages 413 - 462

your final analysis should be 5 - 7 pages in length. your response should incorporate terminology and concepts presented in the primary textbook as well as supplementary resources. each paragraph should be written in complete sentences with attention paid to good grammar and spelling. please double-space, use 12 point font, with one inch margins. be sure to cite your resources and provide the references using apa format. remember to reference all work cited or quoted by the text authors. you should be doing this often in your responses.
do not exceed 7 pages, double-spaced, in apa format. be sure to include the url or link to the sites you researched.

note: it must be clear to your mentor that you are able to understand and apply financial statement analysis and be able to analyze ratio and trend analysis.

the format that must be used is attached.
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