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the country of my project is australia
this is the formatted needed in the final project presentation

country selection –use the hofstede centreto select one of the countries from the drop down menu, e.g., bhutan. a useful photo source is tripadvisor.
1. country background: usethe world factbookand select the specific country to find answers.(see milestone one rubric and final project document for details)
building on information from your milestone one submission and feedback, briefly highlight country features relevant to the world of international business and commerce, including the following:
1.1 location, geography/climate, and populationexample: location: southern asia, between china and india
geography/climate: rugged, cold mountain areas; temperate uplands and valleys with rivers; tropical plains
capital city and its population: thimphu99,000
population: 733,643 (july 2014 est.)
other: official internet domain for the country is bt
1.2 language and cultural activities
example: major languages spoken: sharchokpa28%, dzongkha (official) 24%, lhotshampa22%, other 26% (includes foreign languages) (2005 est.)
main cultural activities: sports, entertainment, music, etc.

1.3 quality-of-life indicators: usethe world factbookand select the country:
example: bhutan –life expectancy for total population: 68.98 years total; for males: 68.06 years; for females: 69.95 years
bhutan –literacy rate for the total population: 52.8% total; for males: 65% ; for females: 38.7%
1.4 your rationale for your choice of country:
why did you choose this specific country? include information from the module two discussion.
2. economic conditions: use the world bankand scroll to “economy & growth” to answer the following:
2.1 main types of employmentand sector (e.g., agriculture, resource extraction or other primary sectors, manufacturing, services, government). you may use gdp composition from the world factbook.
example: current gdp (gross domestic product): use gdp (current us$). bhutan –$1.780 billion (2012)
agriculture: 13.8%; industry: 41.2%; services: 45%. unemployment rate –total: 7.2%; males: 7.3%; females: 7.2%
2.2 major imports and exports:
example: as percentage of gdp, bhutan –imports: 53%, exports and services: 35%
inflation rate for consumer prices (annual %) bhutan –10.9%

3.2 discuss the level of institutional infrastructure:(see milestone two rubric and final project document for details)
3.2.1 financial environment for business –summarize relevant aspects, including banking system and two or more relevant laws for foreign corporations.
use the currency site xe.comto find current exchange rate information.example: the ngultrum (btn) is equal in value to the indian rupee (through a 1:1 peg). the current exchange rate: 1btn = 0.016.
use doing business, select your country and look under “starting a business” and then “getting credit.”
example: laws thatgovern the business activities of foreign corporations in bhutan include money borrowing from local banks and the law requiring foreign corporations to own a domestic business, which means they are required to enter the market as a joint venture.
3.2.2 physical infrastructure important for business: summarize relevant aspects, including transportation, power, and communication (e.g., access by road, rail, waterways; stability of power supply; and cellular and internet coverage).
use the world factbookand other resources.
3.2.3considering institutional infrastructure, which may have the greatest influence on a company considering business in this country?

4.1 describe the extent of economic integration, specifically mentioning membership(s) within regional trade agreements (rta) and their benefits. use world trade organization regional trade agreementsto find out the country’s rta. select “rta database” and then “by country/territory.” click on the country on the map and see the detailed trade agreement(s).
pull up the text of the agreement that explains what the agreement is about.
example:bhutan is member of safta. current economic signatories: bangladesh; bhutan; india; maldives; nepal; pakistan; sri lanka. coverage: goods. type: free trade agreement. objective: promote and enhance mutual trade and economic cooperation among contracting states,eliminate barriers to trading, and facilitate cross-border movement of goods.

4.2 explain the best ways to do business in this country, making a recommendation for an mnc that is considering this country by evaluating these three options: exports/imports, green field investment, or not to enter at all.
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