final wellness management plan proposal

Project Description:

revise part 1 of the project according to your instructor’s
feedback. submit this along with part 2.
2. finalize your wellness program by creating and submitting
your final, client-ready wellness program management plan,
including the sections below:
program focus
program goal-setting theory
program goals
personality inventory analysis
team dynamics
high-level communication plan
value chain/ratio
process/planning controls

feedback from instructor:
you provided some good organization in this paper, however unfortuantely it wasn't fully completed correctly which caused some misplaced thoughts.

you provided some great information on a wellness plan and the parts to it, however the main point of this task is to create an actual proposal (which you start out with, but then moved away from) and include a rational for the plan, feasibility study, chain of command, organizational chart, and project plan. you completed some parts however you didn't complete all of these parts.

please make sure to properly cite your references, i recommend that you review the following site:
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