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the tallahassee motor company is thinking of automating one of its production facilities.the equipment required will cost s total of $10 million and is expected to last 10 years. the company's cost of capital is 9%. the project's benefits include labor savings and a quality improvement that will lower warranty costs. savings are estimated as follows: year 1= cost savings $574,000, year 2= cost savings $864,000,year 3= cost savings $1,246,000, year 4= cost savings $2,748,000, year 5= cost savings $3,367,000, year 6= cost savings $2,437,000, year 7= cost savings $2,276,000, year 8= cost savings $1,839,000, year 9= cost savings $1,264,000,year 10= cost savings $623,000. a. use excel spreadsheet to find the project's npv. is the project acceptable? b. use excel spreadsheet to develop the data for an npv profile. evaluate the npv for interest rates from (costs of capital) 6% to 14%. c. use excel spreadsheet to iteratively find the project's irr to the one-tenth of a percent.
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