finance 301

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ø in writing, submit the name of the company (publicly traded) and the name of its major competitor company within the first three weeks of classes for approval.
o select the company and its competitor you want to use for your financial institutions project and submit the company names to me asap. i will make sure that no two students select the same companies. therefore, sooner you provide the company names to me, more would be the chances that i will allow you to keep the companies (i.e., nobody else has already selected those companies). by second week of the class, everybody will be required to select the company and its competitor for analysis. the student will not be allowed to complete the project in the course, if the submissions with publicly-traded company names are not received by the instructor by the deadline.
ø please perform an in-depth analysis of at least two of the top-three firms (in terms of market value) in the chosen sector.
ø perform a ratio analysis (roe analysis) using the tools and techniques given in chapter 12 of the textbook. specifically, you are to perform analysis of the following ratios: roe, roa, equity multiplier, profit margin, asset utilization, net interest margin, interest expense ratio, provision for loan loss ratio, noninterest expense ratio, tax ratio, interest income ration, noninterest income ratio, the spread, overhead efficiency ratio etc.
ø use the ratio values to show performance trends (time-series analysis) of the company (at least for five years).
ø find industry quartiles for each of the ratio and evaluate the company ratios against the industry norm (a major competitor company) (cross-section analysis).
ø write the analysis of the company on each of the ratio areas (both time-series and cross-sectional analyses).
ø use the web resources available to obtain information on both time-series and cross-section ratios. a series of web addresses that also provide company financial and economic information are given below.
ü remote access to
o username: finacct
o password: rtlibrary
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