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i am going to need help with the following topics very soon in preparation for a final exam: the text is from a book called multinational business finance, 13th edition by eiteman / stonehill / moffett. the test is mostly on chapter 7 (international parity conditions), chapter 10 (transaction exposure), chapter 18 (multinational capital budgeting and cross-border acquisitions).

the exam is 3 hours long and i have to finish by sunday night, eastern standard time. it will consist of about 15 essay type, short answer, excel based questions on the following topics: real rate of return, npv, capital structure, cost of capital, irr, interest as cf, how to improve roe, p/e comprables approach of valuation, business loans vs. personal loans, ppp conceptual, operating and transaction exposures, interest arbitrage profit, ppp, irp, portfolio hedging with options. could you help me with this?
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