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stanley black & decker
the case can be reached at the following link:
read the case, it is two pages with tow exhibits only and i need 6 to 8 pages in question and answer format within 6 hrs. the associated questions for the case are below:
q#1 evaluate risks, if any, of achieving targeted cost synergies. how specifically might they realize these synergies?
hint: exhibit 1 shows cost synergies expected. think about what specific actions could be taken to achieve the savings identified. what might make achieving these items difficult (risks) that may challenge the company’s ability to achieve these savings?
q#2 are there other factors that need to be considered besides cost savings in determining ongoing post-merger financials?
hint: are there business risks, risks to revenues, etc.? that could impact their ability to recognize targeted savings?
q#3 how important is it to share with analysts the expected synergies post merger-announcements? what are the pros and cons of disclosing expected synergies?
hint: we have discussed the importance of communicating with investors; analysts are an avenue for this communication. what happens if your actual results differ than your estimates? do you think it’s better to risk being wrong, or to say nothing, and why?
q#4 why did the merger go through this time when it was it was discussed and abandoned three times previously?
hint: you should be able to find reason(s) or develop your thoughts from the details of the case.
q#5 if you were a shareholder of stanley, would you vote in favor of this merger? if you were a member of black & decker management would you favor this merger?
hint: no right or wrong answers – looking for your opinions.
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