finance- corporate restructuring

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the term paper should examine the financial, operational and organizational aspects and consequences of a company that has undergone some form of restructuring. the company can be involved in either a voluntary reorganization or a merger/acquisition. the goal of the paper is to describe and analyze the restructuring transaction. as a rough guideline, the paper should be approximately 15-25 pages in length. the topic can be selected by you, but is subject to my final approval.

my topic is: the merging of comcast and time warner cable.

attached is what i have written for the paper so far. i just need some help with analysing the restructuring transactions and analyzing the financial statements of both companies.

deadline is: may 5th, at 12 pm, so i want to make sure that whoever works on the paper, can send it to me before this deadline!.
price: as i said isn't an issue for me, as long as the paper is good and has what i asked for.
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