finance for managers

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project description: part a
write down the title and author/s of the finance-related book that you wish to read and write a book review on!

the book must be on some aspect of finance, investments, good business management practices, the history of a firm or entrepreneur, the economy, or on a very closely-related subject. the book should be more advanced than an elementary-level primer. select a book that you will enjoy reading and reviewing. before posting your selection, read all prior student postings to make sure no one else has requested the book. book selections are on a first come basis. no duplications are allowed. i will approve the books and post my approval on your discussion board thread. i will not suggest any specific books, but the libraries and major book stores are loaded with acceptable books. additionally, any book i have authored will automatically be approved
the book review you will write will be due later in the course. the book review should be
three to five pages in length
double- or single-spaced with no specific format requirement
must provide information on the author that is more extensive than what is found on the book jacket
must cover the 3–5 things you consider the most significant concepts in the book
should contain your opinion of the book and your justification for your opinion

part b
on the discussion board post
a one-page document outlining your prior financial and/or investment experience and your current interests in this subject(finance for managers), if you have any. i realize that many of you are only taking this class because it is required, which is okay, but i would like to learn what you hope to get from this course
list the four major types of business organizations and the main characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages of each form

for $30. due wed.
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