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i have assigned it already! thanks

please write a report and let me know from where these students obtained the information. copy and paste from students’ report (black), source ( purple) , and your through comments clearly showing that they used the source for info as you are claiming. for example, pag2 (business description) – they might have used yahoo finance, value line, morning star, company webpage. your task is to copy and paste from one of these sources the info which they used to develop their business description. each student did it in task 01. you did too but this time i would hope your quality of work will be at par with the class. it is just a matter of little attention.

go through the above exercise as all of you did (some better than others) for task 01 on the following topics: business description, industry overview, investment summary, valuation, financial analysis, other headings, investment risks.

as we did for company 1 , please go through each appendix (total 18 appendixes) , understand fully, and present your understanding as to what they did in each appendix. the goal here is to convince me that you have read and understood each appendix.
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