finance task 2 parts

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step 1
build your own stock portfolio! ever wondered how trading on the stock market works? this project will give you a taste of how you can invest funds to build a profitable portfolio. make a profit- you may be ready to invest in the market right away. make a loss- no worries, it is not real money.
you are given $50,000 to invest in the stock portfolio market. you must divide these funds equally among stocks of 5 different companies that are currently being traded. in other words, you will have $10,000 to invest in each company. pick 5 companies using the template provided.
• go to yahoo! finance and pick any 5 companies whose stock you would like to buy.
o you can pick stocks from any of the trading markets- dow jones, s&p 500 or nasdaq. just click on these names on (links to an external site.)and click “components” in the left hand menu bar to bring up the list of all stocks.
o for example, if you were to pick stocks from dow jones you can go to (links to an external site.) .
• • in the excel file provided, complete the stock portfolio components box on the “main” tab-
o company name
o symbol-this is a code used to identify the stock. example: the stock of ford motors co. is “f”.
o purchase price- this is the price at which you will buy your stock in that company. the number of shares you can receive using $10,000 will be calculated automatically. (note: these prices must not be changed during the course of the project)
step 2
• read chapter 5 and complete questions 1, 2, 3 and 4 at the end of chapter 5 of text book on page 225. (ask for login info if needed)
• save your answer in a word or an excel document.
1. describe the sectors into which economists divide an industrialized economy and outline the financial flows between them.
2. what do we mean when we say businesses spend two kinds of money? where does each kind come from? how is each used?
3. what is the primary purpose of financial markets?
4. define the following terms: primary market, secondary market, capital market, and money market.
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