financial accounting essay

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class: introduction to financial accounting
book: financial & managerial accounting
needles, powers, crosson
isbn: 9781133626992

financial accounting essay task

there are three separate topics to be addressed in this essay:
• describe and explain “internal controls”, as it applies to the accounting environment.
• explain how internal controls are applied and used, and why.
• explain how proper internal controls are important to the successful operation of any business.

the total word length for the essay must be between 1500-2000 words, contain a cover page, a reference page, and should be written in basic apa format.
do not simply answer the questions below; construct your essay in the form of a quality, logically ordered college level paper.
keep third party material to professional or academic sources. make sure to properly cite any third party material.
any use of third party material without the proper citation will be considered plagiarism.
try to use examples and real world cases to illustrate your points.
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