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for this task take the perspective of a potential investor. conduct a financial statement analysis of the assigned company (files attached ). please be sure to include the following: a vertical and horizontal (trend) analysis of the income statement. what is the trend in the key components of the income statement? what are the positives in the income statement? negatives? are there any anomalies that stand out? a vertical analysis of the balance sheet. what are the primary asset and liability/owner's equity accounts? does this make sense, given the company's industry? an analysis of the company's statement of cash flow. based on your analysis in numbers 1-3 above, how would you assess the financial condition of the company? is this a company in which you would invest your own money? point to specific pieces of evidence from you analysis to justify your decision. you are limited to two pages of text, double spaced in 12 point font. you can include as many exhibits as needed to justify your assessment described above.
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