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you have been named the chief financial officer (cfo) of a two year old company, asari analytics. financials have been prepared by a bookkeeper. as cfo, you responsible for the preparation of accurate financials, analysis and review of the financials before they are released and communication of the results of your company to banks, investors, creditors and the government, as necessary.

please complete the following:

a. what are the four major financial statements and, in depth, discuss their purpose.
b. if an outsider is looking for the path of growth of your company, where would you direct them to look? what financials and financial information would they look at?
c. if an outsider was looking for the liquidity of the company, what financials should be looked at and which ratios should be calculated?
d. what is the purpose of a budget and what are the components?
e. why is it important for the cfo and his/her staff to analyze variances of budget to actual or forecasted to actual amounts, and investigate reasons for significant variances on a timely basis?
f. what are the elements of an annual report issued to shareholders?
g. what is required in an annual report and what can be added by management?
h. review the tootsie roll, hershey or a researched annual report. what are the most important types of notes to the financials that must be included in every report, and explain.
i. why are the summary of earnings and financial highlights included?
j. what is the purpose of a letter to shareholders?
why is management’s discussion and analysis included in the annual report?
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