financial literacy

Project Description:

in this lab, you will describe and analyze financial literacies. create a powerpoint presentation that describes each of the following terms and analyze how they may or may not impact your financial future.

create an 8–10 slide powerpoint presentation. each slide should be easy to read. each slide should use an academic font style, appropriate font size, and limited amount of text. in your presentation, include:
a title slide containing your name and the title of the presentation. introduce yourself and the purpose of the presentation in the notes section. you are encouraged to also provide a voice-over of the introduction using the audio features of powerpoint.
a slide for each of the following topics with a description and analysis of the impact it has on your financial future. you can state the information directly on the slide and/or in the notes section of the slide.
student loans
personal consumer loans
cost of bad credit
compound interest
investing in assets

submission requirements:
submit your work as a powerpoint document.
proofread your presentation for proper spelling and grammar.
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