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briefly describe and then determine the approximate percentage appreciation or depreciation of the nasdaq composite, dow jones industrial average, and the s&p 500 for the last 12 months and for year-to-date and provide these figures. clearly note if the change represents appreciation or depreciation percentage change for the time periods
describe the trend of interest rates over the last 3 years. this may require online research
give your best educated estimate of where interest rates are headed over the next year and justify your answer. there is no right or wrong answer to this estimate, but i will carefully review the justification of your prediction
because so many loan products are based upon the prime interest rate, describe it and provide the current prime interest rate

in your discussion board posting for this module, while i would strongly prefer the data and answers to be included in the body of the posting, you may use an attachment if there is no logical means of incorporating the material into the body of the post

ps - just half a page discussion is good enough. for $15 due sunday. see attached!
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