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create footnotes during the course you will be required to develop a course project having to do with writing notes for a fictitious annual report. in order to help you in assisting you in writing the notes, you may use the notes for proctor & gamble, as shown on pages 246–277, or you may use those shown as examples in chapter 24. although you may use these as an example, you are not to use their actual notes, or the notes from any other company, because this would be considered plagiarism (and if discovered, would result in a grade of “f,” or zero points for the task).your project should consist of; but not be limited to, the items below. you will receive pieces of information that reflect a series of events that has happened at a fictious company. those events relate to the disclosures that you will have to work on for the project. some of these we have not talked about in class, but you will have examples, and my instruction to work from on those. note 1: significant accounting polices (consisting of at least 10 items) notes 2–10+: consisting of at least the items below. inventory property, plant, & equipment contingencies and liabilities changes in accounting principles or estimates post balance sheet events mergers and acquisitions lease obligations eps bonds payable dividends stock options investments refinancing short term debt
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