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are you able to complete this task for me? its due sunday. i copied and pasted the instructions
wk5 assign: financial plan

the foundation of macroeconomics is the study of inflation and unemployment. your goal as a student is to graduate with the skills needed to become a successful employee, and alleviate the potential for unemployment. due to economic fluctuation however, the need to be prepared financially for unexpected events in our lives is important.

for this week's task you will create a financial plan to be prepared for economic fluctuations. before developing your plan, answer the following questions and submit your answers with your plan:
•what factors can contribute to unemployment?
•how can technology lead to greater unemployment, or is it a benefit to the economy?
•can inflation cause or effect unemployment? how?

be sure to include the following in your plan:
•average wage of your planned career.
•living expenses with an amount planned for savings.
•average unemployment compensation amount and duration.
•requirements to receive unemployment compensation.
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