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differences between australia and singapore
a good friend of yours, sam has been offered a job in australia. he will be
assisting in a financial planning firm. he is considering becoming a
financial planner if he stays in australia. he will move to australia in
2013, initially for 4 years. he would take the family (wife and 1 child aged
2) and the pay would be very good for his position (aud$85,000). he has
asked you to explain the differences between australia and singapore for
the following areas:
 buying and owning a car
 superannuation and cpf
 housing and owning a home.
 taxation
he also wants to know what is required to become a financial planner in
australia. is it the same as in singapore?
in your discussion you need to cover all differences especially in relation
to the costs involved.
your friend does not like lengthy reports and states that you must confine
your report to a maximum of 2,500 words. any calculations can be
included within the appendix and a detailed listing of references
(bibliography) is to be included. the appendix is not part of the report’s
word limit.
note the report must be appropriately referenced
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