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your department will set aside a lump sum fund this year in order to pay for a planned purchase of a $140,000-equipment in 2020. how much should be deposited this year to pay for this purchase if the current market interest rate is 3.50 percent on an annual basis?
staff estimate: $80,000 (please verify)

financial transaction 2
you are recommending that the fund in financial transaction 1 should be invested at a slightly higher rate of 4.25 percent. if so, please provide an estimate for this higher rate. explain to the cfo why your estimate is lower than the estimate in transaction 1.

financial transaction 3
wal-mart just bought an investment property for $10 million that it will sell in 2020. the return on this investment (i.e., interest rate, growth rate, etc.) is 4.5 percent per year. at what price can this property be sold in 2020?
staff estimate: $12 million (please verify)

financial transaction 4
the cfo likes to know the annual growth rate in sales for five high-volume stores in dallas over the last five years, from 2008 to 2012. total annual sales in these five stores were $150 million in 2008 and $195 million in 2012. what is the growth rate in sales?
staff estimate: 8.5% (please verify)

financial transaction 5
based on the growth rate estimate in transaction 3, present your sales forecast for a new high-volume store for the year 2020. current sales for the new high-volume store are $32 million.
staff estimate: $45 million (please verify)

financial transaction 6
the property division of wal-mart wants to determine the value (this year’s value) of a property in pearland, texas. this property generates an annual income of $2 million. it is expected that this annual income of this property will continue through year 2020 at which time it will sold for a market value of $25 million. wal-mart can invest its income at 3.50 percent annually. what is the value of this property this year?
staff estimate: $16 million (please verify)

financial transaction 7
your department will deposit $1.50 million profit every year in an account paying 5.50 percent interest. how much fund will you accumulate at the end of 2020?
staff estimate: $15 million (please verify)

financial transaction 8
wal-mart borrowed $200 million this year from chase at 3.80 percent annual rate. this loan will be repaid in annual payments until 2020. how much will wal-mart pay annually to pay off this loan?
staff estimate: $21 million pmt per year (please verify)

financial transaction 9
wal-mart needs to retire a $30 million loan in 2020. to retire, it plans to make equal annual payments into a fund (called sinking fund) paying an annual return of 2.75 percent. what is the annual payment into the fund?
staff estimate: $2 million payment per year (please verify)

financial transaction 10
in 2004, wal-mart invested $25 million in various financial securities. these investments are generating annual income of $2 million. the market value of these investments this year is $30 million. what is the overall return on investment in these financial securities so far?
staff estimate: 4.68 percent (please verify)

financial transaction 11
wal-mart is borrowing $180 million this year to build a warehouse in sealy, texas. the loan will be repaid in 2020 with annual payments of $30. what is the interest rate on this loan?
staff estimate: 6.25 percent (please verify)

financial transaction 12
in 2004, wal-mart bought a piece of land in richmond, texas, for $5 million. the cfo likes to sell this land this year at the market price of $6.5 million, and determine the rate of return. what is the return on investment in this land?
staff estimate: 3.90 percent (please verify)
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