fire science

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listen to the podcast freakonomics radio: death by fire? probably not. (22 minutes)
answer the questions in complete sentences.

1. what were the causes of the fire that occurred in the station night club
(fuel, ignition source)? why were the people unable to evacuate in a safe
2. what improvements were made regarding fire safety in rhode island after
the fire?
3. where do the majority of fires occur in our society?
4. how can these numbers of fires be decreased according to
5. what state has adopted a fire regulation of home automatic sprinkler
systems in new homes? research and write down what other state(s)
have adopted this regulation.
6. what demographics are likely to die in fires?
7. name some projects conducted at nist (national institute of standards
and technology).
8. what innovations does madrizykowski discuss regarding cooking
9. prior to the triangle shirtwaist factory fire, what was the focus of fire
10. what does madrzykowski say that people would like to have in their home
over a fire protection system?
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