fomc meeting

Project Description:

building upon the two previous project components, make a recommendation for policy action that should be undertaken at the next federal open market committee ("fomc") meeting. incorporate project parts 1 in your final project submission as an introduction.
1. based on your research and analysis, determine the monetary policy action you think should be undertaken.
2. detail the monetary policy recommendation you would make at the next fomc meeting. for help in formulating your policy proposal, see the fomc web site at
3. state a rationale for your policy recommendation.
4. analyze the potential effects of your monetary policy recommendation.
5. describe how the recommended policy action is expected to affect the economy, and in particular, each of the economic variables you identified in project part 1. ((attached!!))
deliverables and format:
submit your final project in a word document in 8-9 pages. your final project must follow this format:
a. introduction
b. main body of text
c. summary and conclusions
d. references
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