forecasting with minitab: naive model,

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all the requirements (1 through 8) in the file own case.docx must be completed in minitab. holt (double exponential smoothing) and winters are models specific to minitab. (you can find them under the pull down tab of stats-_time series in minitab. take only the gbpusd range from the excel file when analyzing the smoothing and deseasonalize if you can and do either holt or winters depending on the seasonality of the data. then from the naive models, smoothing with moving averages, holt (double exponential smoothing) and winters choose which models work best for the data forecast and forecast out the next four periods (this is an option you can set in minitab) then answer the questions of the task in own case.docx. only if you know minitab you can solve this task. the autocorrelation is already completed in excel but you can do it and answer the last question in the word document with minitab too. the pptx file show you the naïve models discussed in class that you should use in minitab. my deadline is tomorrow sunday at 9pm cst (central time) which gives you more than 24 hours. if you know minitab this task takes one hour max.
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