foreign currency/hedges

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1. parentco has a firm commitment to purchase 2,000 of product x for $2.28/unit from overseas inc. parentco is very concerned that the exchange rate will make an unfavorable change before the purchase takes place. select a hedge and explain your selection. use the exchange rates above to make your journal entry. select appropriate account names for your journal entry.

2. perform all quantitative tests for segment reportability. show all calculations within the cells of this worksheet (no hard coding). make sure that you properly label each test.

3. you are to prepare a list of the type of information that should appear in an interim report for parentco as of 11/1/2013. i strongly suggest that you use fasb 131 as a primary source. the list should be prioritized by reasoning that is driven primarily by case facts. the assumptions should appear lower in the list.

4. one of parentco's subsidiaries operates in a foreign country. the financial statements must be translated into u.s. dollars for financial reporting purposes. this entity has operations that are largely independent of parentco (parent). using the appropriate method, translate the financial statements into u.s. dollars.
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