formal assessment paperon ecolab international

Project Description:

addressing the questions below for the company ecolab international, assessing the company’s health as well as your hypothetical investment of $1,000.
write a formal assessment of the health of the company . in a paper of approximately 1,750 words.
ensure that it address the following topics: ◦
◦ in what industry does this company operate, and how does it fit into the particular industry? is it an industry leader? a small player? does it operate in multiple industries and do the multiple operations complement or hedge the company’s overall strategy?
◦ what risks does the company face on the surface (from week two)? what additional risks or matters of concern did you discover (via analyst write-ups, articles, press releases, industry-wide concerns) during your research?
◦perform ratio analysis on the company and evaluate the overall health of the company relative to its industry based on its financial statements (from week three).
◦analyze the company’s financing mix
◦describe the company’s international operations and risks.
◦business relationships: would you be willing to maintain a relationship with the company as a supplier? why or why not?
◦employee relationships: would you be willing to work for the company? what if your compensation package only included the company’s stock (no cash)?
◦investor relationships: imagine an investment 8 weeks ago of a $1,000 in the company’s stock. how did your investment perform during the 8 weeks? did you make money? if so, what was the annualized return? did you lose money? earn a dividend? what about long-term performance of the stock? prepare or provide a chart showing the company’s stock price over the previous 5-year period. would you want the company’s stock or debt in your 401(k)? why or why not?
◦ has the firm executed any stock buybacks? if so, what was the effect on the stock price?
◦calculate the wacc for your company.
◦ would you have invested in this company eight weeks ago? why or why not?
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