formulating analysing & researching policy

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task 1
tourism policy can be conceptualised as an integrated set of components. find out who is saying what you can and can’t do at heathrow airport, name the 5 policies that influence baa identify five here?

task 2
from an understanding of the socio-economic and political parameters that influence a piece of policy it is possible to come up with a vision. with reference to the literature identify what is visioning? provide an example of a vision statement from your policy document. (note it may be necessary to read between the lines if this is not immediately obvious.) why is it necessary to undertake such an exercise?

task 3
any policy will include a statement of what it hopes to achieve i.e. its aims.
outline any five policy aims taken directly from your policy document.

task 4
how will these aims be operationalized? i.e. put into practice. (note one sentence is all that is needed here).

task 5
outline five demand and five supply orientated strategies found in your policy document. here you need to know the attractiveness and competitiveness

task 6
clearly some ‘entity’ (i.e. body or organisation) must be designated with the responsibility for writing, co-ordinating, and implementing any policy document. in the case of this policy, who has such responsibility? how do they envisage conducting their role(s)? for example, will they take total responsibility for the document and its content or will they designate certain responsibilities?

finally we used the term stakeholder for any person who seeks to influence the policy making process

these tasks needs to be done max word limit 2500 words i need this report in 12 hours with apa format
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