fortune 100 company analysis

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i choose two companies (one of them a technology-based company and the other non-tech) from fortune's 100 best companies to work for
1. qualcomm technology
2. hilcorp energy company

pl4ease after the selection and research is completed in-depth analyze the two companies, each student prepares a 10-to-15 page essay (a guide only) and shares it with the class. the paper covers a profile of the companies, including key human resource data such as turnover rate, company values and demographic profiles of the workforce. in addition, it includes identification and discussion of innovative human resource and organizational behavior practices used by these companies. the analysis must go beyond the fringe benefits provided. make sure you then compare and contrast the two companies in terms of why they made the list. also, discuss, in depth, the key similarities and differences in approaches between the tech-based company and non-tech company and draw conclusions.
to start, all you should download the list of companies that i selected from the list. one of the companies must be a tech-based company and the other one a service company.
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