four tasks of three pages each

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please let me know if you are willing to do the following tasks of 3 page each for 25 dollars a piece (us$100 in total). i need the first two done asap, for the third and the fourth one i can wait a few days.

task 1 - write a three page paper with regard to the key components of a merger and acquisition strategy as well as the key principles needed to complete a merger and acquisition.

task 2 - write a three page paper on the key aspects of corporate governance. be sure to address both pros and cons of the premise of corporate governance and ethical considerations.

task 3 - what constitutes a strategic network as well as what type of relationships provide the foundations for such a network.

task 4 - please answer both questions:

(1) define and analyze the premises of the following concepts:

•entrepreneurial mindset
•international entrepreneurship
•how an organization develops innovations internally

(2) what role do these aspects play in developing an international strategic management strategy as well as developing a sense of global community?
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