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i'm looking for a freelance web developer for an exciting new web-based service for the automotive world.

i am an automotive enthusiast with a desire to help my fellow enthusiasts complete their car, truck or motorcycle projects. my hope is that this site will provide them with the resources they need to achieve their project goals and enjoy the process. i believe my web project will accomplish this.

my project has four main modules built around a central database and user interface that will service the back yard mechanic and the serious automotive restoration shop alike.

here is what i have so far:

• i have an initial "look and feel" designed (not like the site at the link below). it should be a sufficient starting point with any "nice to haves" to come after initial development is complete and the site is up and running.

• i have the lay out for many of the tables for the database although there will certainly be some additions to be made before they are built into an actual functioning database.

• i have an extensive mindmap that is a visual representation of the way the web site functions and how the moduels interract with one another. this map will give the developer a very clear picture of what i want built. this will serve as a very solid foundation for the discussions between me and the developer to help establish clear expectations for both of us. in other words, this will help eliminate you having to "read your client's mind".

• the site may need to be tackled in modules (as described above) over time, however, the "whole" must be considered before building any of the "parts" to ensure we do not develop ourselves into a corner. again, the mind map mentioned above will help with this tremendously.
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