fund accounting task 2

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"the measurement of a government's pollution remediation liability should include remediation work that the government expects to perform for other parties; however, expected recoveries from those other parties, and insurance recoveries, reduce the measurement of the government's pollution remediation expense when reasonably estimable (and reduce associated expenditures when the recoveries are measurable and available). if the expected recoveries are not yet realized or realizable, they also would reduce the measurement of the government's pollution remediation liability. if the expected recoveries are realized or realizable, they should be reported as recovery assets (for example, cash or receivables)" (para 6).

"for recognized pollution remediation liabilities and recoveries, this statement requires governments to disclose the nature and source of pollution remediation obligations, the amount of the estimated liability (if not apparent from the financial statements), the methods and assumptions used for the estimate, the potential for changes in estimates, and estimated recoveries that reduce the measurement of the liability. governments are required to disclose a general description of the nature of pollution remediation activities for liabilities (or components thereof) that are not reasonably estimable" (para 7).

source: (links to an external site.) (para 6, 7)
compare and contrast the requirements of fund accounting under gasb with the requirements of similar corporate accounting under gaap. this task should be a minimum of two pages under full apa.

this needs to be free of plagiarism, spelling, and grammar errors.
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