fundamentally, this project allows you to use both the "art" and the "science" of strategic planning by developing your research skills in competitive analysis, applying the strategic frameworks learn

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written report

this project is to build upon the previous project i have posted here the frame work is also attatched here in . it provides an opportunity for you to incorporate the feedback i provide in the previous minor projects.
use the strategic frameworks we learned collectively in class for your external analysis, internal analysis, business/corporate level strategies, and recommendations.
develop a coherent story with a focus on the application of the frameworks we developed in the class. any facts/evidences/analyses that are irrelevant to the frameworks may downgrade your report.
begin each paragraph with summary sentences, as i will evaluate your analyses based on these summary sentences.
be brief on descriptions of facts, but comprehensive on strategic analyses. the ratio between descriptions and analyses should be no higher than 1:1.
include at least ten major references in exhibits and references.
write no more than 25 pages. double-spaced, not including exhibits and references.
be analytical, precise, and coherent – that is what i am looking for!
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