generally accepted auditing standards

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there are 10 gaas. listed below are statements that relate to these standards.
1. the auditor is careful in doing the audit and writing the audit report.
2. a more experienced auditor supervises the work of an inexperienced auditor.
3. the auditor investigates and reaches conclusions about the entity and its environment including its internal records.
4. a predesigned schedule is followed during the audit.
5. the auditor is an accounting graduate with several years of experience in auditing.
6. in the auditor's judgment, the financial statements conform to all fasb statements.
7. the auditor is objective and unbiased in performing the audit.
8. the entity used the same accounting principles this year as last year.
9. the audit produced all the evidence needed to reach a conclusion about the entity's financial statements.
10. the entity's notes to the financial statements contain all essential data.
11. the auditor expresses an opinion on the financial statements.

a. identify by category and number within each category the gaas to which each statement relates (i.e., general standard no. 1, field work standard no. 2, etc.).
b. for each answer in (a) above, provide the full statement of the standard. use the following format for your answers.
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