genetic traits

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i need this within 3hours. minimun 250 words

a) review the powerpoint presentation on the inheritance of traits, including video clips and other links.

b) pick one condition/trait described in the national human genome research institute of the nih, specific genetic disorders: you may choose a trait that is mentioned in the powerpoint (other than huntington's disease) or any other trait that interests you, perhaps because you or someone you know has it.

c) what is the phenotype (or range of phenotypes) of those with the condition/trait?

d) how is the condition/trait inherited? is it mendelian trait (caused by a recessive or dominant allele)? is it sex-linked? is more than one gene implicated with the trait? do we know?

e) what is the relationship between genotype and phenotype with respect to this trait? (see slides on penetrance and expressivity).

f) are there any advocacy groups and on-line support groups for the condition? see genetics and rare conditions site

g) did this exercise raise any questions for you?

be sure to include links to all your sources.
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